Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CP 207 The breathtaking - breathgiving Spirit

The breathtaking - breathgiving Spirit…

Holy Spirit, Spirit of the living God,
Spirit of the Lord, Eternal Spirit, Spirit of truth,
Spirit of the Father, Spirit of Jesus,
Spirit of Jesus’ conception, anointing and ministry,
promise of the Father, living water of heaven,
comforter, paraclete, counsellor, advocate.

Messiah-revealing Spirit, faith-birthing Spirit,
heart-searching Spirit, sin-convicting Spirit,
forgiveness-knowing Spirit, grace-bringing Spirit,
life-giving Spirit, holiness-calling Spirit,
new-heart-creating Spirit, willing-and-right Spirit,
mind-opening Spirit, scripture-understanding Spirit,
witness-bearing Spirit, mission-driving Spirit,
kingdom-revealing Spirit, knowledge-teaching Spirit,
wisdom-leading Spirit, direction-giving Spirit,
love-bestowing Spirit, joy-inspiring Spirit,
Cross-fashioning Spirit,
spine-strengthening Spirit,
Christ-honouring Spirit.

Spirit of meekness, mercy and compassion,
Spirit of truth, discernment and power,
Spirit of power from on high,
Spirit of Christ’s apostles, prophets and evangelists,
Spirit of Christ’s pastors and teachers,
Spirit of Christ’s humble authority,
Spirit of Christ’s meekness and gentleness,
Spirit of intercession and thanksgiving,
Spirit of adoption,
Spirit of the cross-shaped love of the Father and the Son.

Spirit of glory and of grace,
Spirit of unity of faith and love,
Spirit of the communion of saints,
Spirit of boldness in the face of fear,
Spirit of courage in the face of danger,
Spirit of confession of in the face of hostility,
Spirit of rebirth and renewal,
justifying Spirit, sanctifying Spirit,
Spirit who prays us according to our Father’s will,
Spirit who seals us ‘in Christ’,
Spirit of freedom to love as Jesus Christ loved,
gracious Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit of Jesus, grant that we may never outrage you, grieve you, quench you or deny you. You never draw attention to your self. You always honour the Saviour-Son. As you worked for faith and trust, worship and praise, in the life of Jesus, so work in our lives. Cause us, in the presence of our Lord, to be as unassuming as you are! Fill us with passionate joy about HIM. Strengthen our trust and love. Cause us to celebrate, and rejoice in, our place in our heavenly Father’s family. Amen


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