Wednesday, December 05, 2012

CP 199 An unwelcome 'blessing' from heaven

CP 199 An unwelcome ‘blessing’ from heaven

You’ve heard of it raining cats and dogs. Fish, on occasion, as well. Recently the ABC website reported something falling from the heavens and it wasn’t any of the above. It did not happen during a thunderstorm. It occurred during a bushfire. It wasn’t an act of God. What happened was a result of human action, specifically the actions of a water-bombing helicopter pilot.

The fire near Lake Macquarie was threatening to consume homes. The pilot was about his business with real urgency. He drained several nearby swimming pools. He frantically searched for other sources of water. To his profound relief he found a pond. Slurped it up and duly dumped it over the leading edge of the fire - and over a number of the fire-fighters. Unfortunately his ‘source’ was a pond of untreated raw sewage. The RFS crews were understandably underwhelmed and unimpressed by their unheavenly baptism in the fire.

The SMH report the next day termed the episode as ‘a mistaken drop’. Certainly it redefines ‘long-drop’. The fire fighters were withdrawn and ‘decontaminated’. The Hazmat people had unexpected work. The AWU called for an urgent investigation and no doubt hoped the truth would be flushed out.

Forgive me. “It happens”. It ‘can’ happen. It happened. Couldn’t be denied and truth had to be faced. And it’s a parable for our lives.

Adam and Eve got sucked in. Tempter came along and whispered lies in their ears, which they chose to believe. Messed up completely and were completely messed upon. Got contaminated by their sin and that contamination found expression in each and every person of each and every generation ever after. All of their descendents are born with the contamination of soul and spirit which leads to death. We all stink with the aroma of that polluted pond.

Enter Jesus the Christ. Conceived in Mary by the Holy Spirit, he is the first ‘uncontaminated’ human since Adam and Eve. Stayed that way through the worst temptations and assaults by the devil and the other worldly powers. Dies in innocence, a perfect ‘human-lamb’ of God. Takes our contamination into death and re-emerges without it. Gives his glorious clean-ness to everyone who calls on his name as Lord of all. By grace, through faith, that majestic clean-ness is available to everybody who believes in him.

Even if you mess-up after being cleaned-up, the heavenly Hazmat Messiah’s joy is to continually clean up your messes. He wants you clean as a whistle. He wants you home.

If you haven’t yet laid hold of him, or you once walked away for him, take the opportunity to change to the Davidson Utility Company right now. The service is divine. The benefits are eternal.

Bless you.



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