Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CP 163 Near-death by phone call

CP 163 Near-death by phone call

This story is from a bloke I know well who recently had a near-death experience on Narellan Rd near where I live. He was driving toward the Hospital at Campbelltown. As he was approaching Narellan Rd he became aware of yet another huge black storm coming from the northwest. Remembering that he had left the lawnmower out he rang his wife to get her to pop it back in the shed. Surely there would be no harm in a quick call while stopped at the traffic lights. He made the call, ended it, noticed the lights had changed, and headed across the intersection. At least he thought the lights had changed.

They hadn’t! Cars braked furiously as he drove straight through the traffic coming from his right. Tyres screeched and many horns blared. One vehicle stopped just a metre from his car door. Shocked, he had the presence of mind to check for traffic on his left. Fortunately there wasn’t any. He kept going, all the while nominating himself as the biggest idiot on the planet while simultaneously thanking the Lord for preserving him. And swore that he would never again use a mobile-phone while driving. The episode shook him to the core.

The next day he passed the scene of an accident where a car had slammed into a tree and the driver, seriously injured, had barely escaped with her life. That shook him even more.

There are lots of issues here, not least the illegality of that phone call. Then there is the personal morality question of recklessly endangering the lives of others, let alone his own life. I also found myself wondering whether he viewed what happened as important in his relationship with his Lord. He certainly didn’t intend to cause an accident or endanger life. Was it an innocent mistake? There certainly was no malice involved. But can he engage in the sophistry of the Pharisee in saying that his intentions were good but he got it wrong? “I aimed to do my very best but failed badly”.

I felt obliged to remind him that the beginning of this near-tragedy lay in the unlawful and dangerous use of the phone. That was an ungodly action bordering on evil. The commandment is unambiguous… “You shall not kill”. He blanched at the thought.

It has been a salutary lesson for that man. He is grateful on two counts. First, no physical injury or death happened as a result of his actions. Secondly, he is grateful that he knows his heavenly Father forgives him in the mercy of Jesus the Christ.

He has resolved, with fervour, never again to use a phone while driving. Let’s join him in that resolve.

Be blessed in your Lord.



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