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Hi Guys,

Recently here in Sydney we’ve had an enquiry into dodgy dealings at Rail Corp, which runs NSW trains. On a number of occasions, reported by the Evening News, Rail Corp staff were being asked about this circumstance, or that situation, and giving the response “I don’t remember”. Later, after they were forced to listen to and view secret recordings of their illicit dealings, most immediately change their evidence to “I remember now….”

Happens often does it not? Time and time again witnesses before Royal Commissions and other investigations say “I can’t remember,” in answer to a question concerning their dealings or what they knew. Eg “What happened to the Bond money?” Gets that way that we don’t know we can trust what is said by anyone. (We’re like that too? Hmm? Hmm?)

Not long ago Hilary Clinton claimed in an interview that she had had to be rushed off an aircraft, practically under fire (somewhere in Iraq I think.) Later, News Media ran footage of Mrs Clinton relaxedly walking off the plane. Confronted by this footage Mrs Clinton said she had ‘MISREMEMBERED’. Don’t you just love that? A delightful new word to sidestep responsibility. Never admit you lied!

Not long ago I read the story by Edward Dyson called “The two funerals of Malachi Mooney”. It’s a great Australian short story – well worth a read – and close to it’s end ‘Flynn’ claims to have ‘DISREMIMBERED IVIRYTHING’ – another ingenious use of language – to cover a whopping mistake.

Man, can we ever fiddle with words – or rather can we ever fiddle with the truth! How unreliable and deceitful we can be! Our God has a word for us on this theme. He is looking at us through the lens of Jesus’ Cross. He knows what we are like. He knows the truth about us. Nothing is hidden from him. And he says – “to faith” - I WILL REMEMBER THEIR SINS NO MORE” (Hebrews 8:12).
“I will not forget you” (Isaiah 49:15) but “I will remember your sins no more.” Done and dusted. Rejoice! Celebrate! Live!

Bless you



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