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What does it mean to totally forgive? Cross purposes 115

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This weeks Cross Purposes is a ‘borrowed with permission’ article on forgiveness. I have personally always found ‘forgiving others’ a really difficult and troublesome thing – especially when the person/people concerned have never said sorry in any way.

Reading each of the 7 statements in this article forcefully and radically challenged my commitment “to forgive as God in Christ has forgiven...”
It was one of those times where as I read, I knew I was receiving truth in my spirit. Each of the statements presented me with “Christ’s way or my way” alternatives. And since in my heart I want to be such a forgiver, well, I commit myself to it! But note the last sentence!

Be Blessed


What does it mean to totally forgive?
By RT Kendall

Totally forgiving someone who has hurt you is one of the hardest things that anybody ever has to do. That’s why Open House’s Sheridan Voysey recently interviewed RT Kendall, author of Total Forgiveness, to talk about what it really means to forgive.

Kendall, former Pastor at London’s Westminster Chapel, says that it is only natural to want an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. As he says, “We cannot bear the thought that another person can be let off the hook and not get punishment.” Kendall says that his book, Total forgiveness, was inspired by his own experience when a friend advised him, “RT, until you totally forgive, you will be in chains – release them and you will be released.”

So in his book, Kendall offers ways you can find forgiveness for those who have hurt you. And he gives seven proofs of total forgiveness:

1. You tell nobody what they did to you. With the exception of telling one other person for therapeutic reasons, or for legal reasons, do not tell anybody what offence was committed against you.

2. You will not let them be afraid of you.

3. You will not let them feel guilty. Kendall says that the majority of people you need to forgive don’t even know they have done anything wrong. It takes more grace to forgive someone who is not sorry.

4. You will protect their self-esteem.

5. You will protect them from their darkest secret.

6. You will pray for them. Do not just say, “Lord, I commit this person to you.” Pray blessings upon them just as God has blessed you with his undeserved love.

7. You will serve a life sentence of forgiveness. “Forgive and forget” is a popular but not a very practical saying, because we simply cannot forget; but we can continually forgive.

Kendall says that total forgiveness is possible with Christ, “Partial forgiveness can be done at a natural level. Total forgiveness can only be done by the help of the Holy Spirit through Jesus.”

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